About Process Research Solutions, LLC

Process Research Solutions, LLC, is a chemical engineering consulting firm specializing in drinking water quality issues.

The company investigates water quality problems in drinking water systems (both municipal water distribution systems and plumbing in buildings) to determine the underlying chemical and microbiological causes upon which remedies can be focused.

But, acting on water quality issues after a problem occurs is costly. To help drinking water utilities become more economical, Process Research Solutions also offers the tools for proactive routine water quality monitoring. This monitoring can head off major problems and can lead a water system into measurable water quality control and process improvement.

Process Research Solutions, LLC, was founded by Abigail F. Cantor, P.E., in 1997 after nearly two decades of designing water and wastewater treatment processes in large engineering consulting firms. Ms. Cantor is recognized as a national expert in the field of internal corrosion in water distribution systems. She is also known for user-friendly and efficient computer software designs to aid in data management and information retrieval.

Education and Credentials
  • BS Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 1978
  • MS Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, 1980
  • Registered as a Professional Engineer in Wisconsin
  • Computer programmer interacting with Microsoft Office software
  • Member of the American Water Works Association
  • Member of the American Water Works Association Lead and Copper Rule Task Advisory Workgroup
  • Vice-chair and Chair of the Research Committee of the American Water Works Association Wisconsin Chapter, 2002 to 2009 and 2011 to 2017
  • Instructor of "Water Quality in Distribution Systems and Building Plumbing" at the University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering Professional Development
  • 2015 AWWA Most Notable Contribution to the Science of Public Water Supply Development for JAWWA 106:7:E336-E349
  • 2015 AWWA Distribution and Plant Operations Division Best Paper Award for JAWWA 106:7:E336-E349
  • 2011 Wisconsin Water Association Research Award
  • 2007 Wisconsin Water Association Gimmicks and Gadgets Award for development of the PRS Monitoring Station for monitoring in water distribution systems in order to track the quality of the water that the consumer experiences