Water Research Foundation and Water Environment Research Foundation Project 4586: Optimization of Phosphorus-Based Corrosion Control Chemicals and Flushing for Lead and Copper Control

Posted: March 2017.
The report for this project is being finalized and will be published in late 2017. It uses the comprehensive perspective of water quality, developed by Process Research Solutions, LLC, to solve Lead and Copper Rule issues.

University of Wisconsin Professional Development Class on Control of Water Quality in Municipal Distribution Systems

Posted: March 2017.
Do you want to know what happened in Flint, MI and if it could happen in your municipal water system or building plumbing system?

Abigail Cantor of Process Research Solutions teaches a course in Madison, WI along with Professor Gregory Harrington of UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering on water quality in distribution systems and in building plumbing. The goal of the class is to give the participants the initial steps to understanding the chemistry and microbiology unique to their water system and the initial steps to improving the water quality. Compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule, the Total Coliform Rule, and the Disinfection Byproducts Rule for municipal water systems is addressed. Legionella, pinhole leaks, and other building plumbing issues and remedies are also addressed.

The last class was March 2017. The course is offered once or twice a year. Registration is available at the UW Engineering Professional Development website.

Publication still available:
"What's Bugging Your Pipes - How Microorganisms Affect Plumbing Systems"
by Abigail Cantor (chemical engineer and water quality specialist) and
Rob Spence (mechanical engineer and plumbing specialist)

Posted: March 2017.
This booklet is a resource on microbiologically influenced corrosion as it occurs in plumbing systems of buildings. The book covers understanding, prevention, and remediation of the resultant water quality and pipe integrity problems. The publication is available in print form or as an e-book.

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